Brisbane, Australia 🇦🇺 

Hey bloggers,

So yesterday I was in Brisbane Australia and all I can say is that Australia is still by far my favourite place in the world . It is my dream to live there. The energy that city gives me is incredible. I spent the afternoon at the ” Lone Pine Koala sanctuary. ” It was so awesome to see the different animals. It was great.  Because two years ago I was in Melbourne and had the chance to see the koalas and kangaroos. I figured I’d do it again. Why not right ? Here are some pictures below :

Love this country so much. I really believe it’s the must gorgoeus country of all. I am obsessed. Can’t you tell? The weather was amazing and it was so hot. Couldn’t complain. People in Australia are so friendly and nice. Such good spirit.  Here are some photos belows at the Sanctuary:

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Have a good day everyone ! 


Opheliia ❤️



    • I love australia it is my favourite place to be in the world!!!!! So lucky you live there 🙂

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